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Out of Time :iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 0
The Fate of Fortunato
The Fate of Fortunato
Damnable darkness oh yes, yes indeed.
In the wall the shadows rise and tremble.
My arms are chained, my feet held fast to bleed,
Caught in this trap I watched him assemble
Betrayed I was, at some perceive'ed slight.
We walked in crypts, lured by the taste of wine,
But taste of wine has long escaped my sight.
Good wine be damned, 'tis now for air I pine.
The chuck'ling of skulls echoes in my ears,
Their whispers rattle the chains on the wall.
The gath'ring dark no longer holds my fear,
I laugh with corpses, jesters one and all.
Here, this dark night my story comes to end
Here, this night I'll find you Montresor, "my friend".
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 0
Ghosts of Macragge Chapter Master Lucius Virinus by faceless117 Ghosts of Macragge Chapter Master Lucius Virinus :iconfaceless117:faceless117 1 0 Ghosts of Macragge by faceless117 Ghosts of Macragge :iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 2
Clockwork Raven Ep. 1: The Hollow-Eyed Girl Part 3
With a start McShane came awake. It was pitch black and for a panicked moment, he had no idea where he was. A shift in weight toppled him from his precariously balanced perch and slammed him onto the deck, his elbow striking the corner of something sharp. He could hear the sound of scuffling from nearby coupled with the labored breathing of one of the fighters. Something warm and sticky splashed his face in tiny droplets and he tasted blood. His violet eyes snapped wide open, all traces of his fugue gone.
Activating his heat-vision he allowed the deck to suffuse with a faint red glow. From the glowing pipes that filled the left side of his vision he ascertained that he was lying on the deck of the engineering suite and that the coolant systems had been deactivated. Steam splurted from vents on the floor, causing little plumes of red in his vision. In between these puffs were a pair of figures that darted back and forth around the edges of his sight. It took him until one figure yelled
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 0
Clockwork Raven Ep. 1: The Hollow-Eyed Girl Part 2
 One never got tired of that rush. The thrum of the engines as the fighter rocketed down the claustrophobic launch tube, crimson warning lights flashing past and illuminating the ribbed tunnel walls. Soon it gave way to open space, vertigo inducing after the close confines of the fighter bay. This was freedom, this was glory, this was flight. As he banked his E-626 "Hellwing" in a tight circle, feeling the artificial g-pressure force his paper-thin lips back from gleaming incisors Einnïn Loinnir whooped. He loved flying. It was what he had been born to do, to soar through the great emptiness, his sleek fighter cutting the enemy to ribbons with it's twin "Hailstorm" cannons. 
Hellwing were a Cemoragh space supremacy fighter developed in the years following the First Contact Wars. The fighter was of an odd design with a cockpit shaped like an inverted triangle acting as the center-point of the craft. Two long wings extended from the sides of the cockpit, both appendages hu
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 0
Clockwork Raven Ep. 1: The Hollow-Eyed Girl Part 1
The Clockwork Raven: Episode 1: The Hollow-Eyed Girl
It never really occurs to one how bright space truly is until you see it from an EVA helmet where the only thing separating you from that great abyss is an inch of Lexan Polymer. The milky blackness, which at first seems impenetrable in populated areas, becomes more crystal the further from civilization one ventures; and indeed less dark for the stars have a chance to shine their own cold light when not eclipsed by the glow of the city. Drifting through the emptiness, and the black, one is also given insight into one's place in the galaxy, how small one truly is cannot become apparent until compared to the whole of known creation. A slight fluctuation in the gravity corridor dropped Ian McShane's view to his prize, disrupting his reverie and bringing his consciousness back to his own body.
Gazing at his intended destination he narrowed his violet eyes and grinned. The ship his crew had come across was a loaded cargo vessel bound for
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 0
When the green knight holds the red moon high
And the autumn sky is silv'ry clear
The fires burn with smokey sigh
And cornstalks led their heavy ears
The leaves float down like crimson tears
Unto points of grass, by rimefrost held
Like blades of tiny argent spears
Til' heat from fires sees them felled
These fires stand, to each a side
Their heat will warm the bodes numb
Around them leaf-clad revelers glide
To the beat of the hungry, darkling drums
Held hight, the frothing clouds aride
As four shapes shouded all in white
Bring tithe 'twixt fires with solemn pride
And brave the strange and savage night
A cheer goes up as they return
Tonight the harvest's finally done
We'll leap and spin as the fires burn
Til' our singing wakes the sleeping Sun
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 1 1
A Good Man Goes to War
Angel's weep and Daemon's Run
When a good man goes to war
The Moon will fall and drown the Sun
When a good man goes to war
The Knight will fall, the Dark will rise
Love is lost, the friendship dies
When a good man goes to war
The Daemon's run but count the cost
For though the bloody battle is won
The lonely, little child is lost
When a good man goes to war
But the Angels never, ever weep
The Daemon's never run
For a good man never goes to war
No, not a single one...
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 4 0
The Sea
Oh I must go down to the sea again
To the sea, the sea, the sea
To lose the past, to leave the present
And see what may yet be
I leave behind the life I've led,
Leave the broken and the dead
The hushing waves and silent sand
Have called me to my bed
I stand before the great expanse
To see the moon in solemn dance,
The rarest sight a man can see
As tide begins his cold advance
Standing on the precipice
I cast my gaze to the abyss
To see the things that cannot be
And sooth the wind with silver kiss
A captive here among them now,
The darkness forces me to bow
Before the aching, dreaming sea
I find I cannot recall how
On I must come back from the sea again
The sea, the sea, the sea
Return me to the world I've left
Before I cease to be
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 1 13
The Phantom
In the dark the Phantom waits
'Till shadows grow and breath abates
Then she'll spread her burning wing
And in a voice no mortal could sing
She'll call her welcome to the snow
The nightdark winds will softly blow
To the East and to the West
To seek the Bravest and the Best
To bring them here from West to East
And invite them to her gracious Feast
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 0
The Fall
Our empire stretched the galaxy wide
As we turned back the stinking, vile green tide
Ne'er did we heed the heralding call
That spoke of a final terrible Fall
We sought naught but pleasure upon every world
And tighter the spiral of our sins had curled
None but a few heard the heralding call
That told of a final terrible Fall
Corruption, debauchery rose all around
An insatiable hunger sprang free abound
Too thirsty to heed the heralding call
That spoke of the final terrible Fall
We stood in the Darkness, believing it Light
None in the galaxy defied our might
The din of War drowned the heralding call
That spoke of a final bloody Fall
Out in the Warp of both spirit and earth
A creature was forming in filthy birth
And now we could hear the clarion call
that signaled that final terrible Fall
Our Gods it struck down with a blazing fist
The Serpents who called it writhed and hissed
In time with with a bloody battle call
That accompanied our final terrible Fall
Clear 'cross the galaxy kin fough
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 14 10
My friends are here around me
No comfort now I know
For they have cast me out again
Alone, alone, alone
Disapproving eyes around me
No solace here at home
For here I stand accused again
Alone, alone, alone
The journey through the Darkness
To bring me to my own
Is something I must do myself
Alone, alone, alone
In the shadow I am whole
Perched upon an ebon throne
I stalk the cosmos, Blackest Knight
Alone, alone, alone
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 2 9
The Warrior's Curse
        Emerald green and flashing red
The battlefield among the dead
The hated foe so vile indeed
Plentiful as rivenweed
The foolish orks; they should have fled
The battlefield among the dead
For like the wind came Mereton
And crimson did the rivers run
Red pools by glistening rivers fed
The battlefield among the dead
With striking claw and venomous sting
The air itself did seem to sing
As tattered orks fell dry, and bled
On the battlefield among the dead  
Screams of anger filled the night
To behold a war is quite a sight
His wings of darkest fury spread
'Cross the battlefield among the dead
Armor bent and broken here
Mereton fought devoid of fear
Not to return, he remained instead
On the battlefield among the dead
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 3 2
Waltz of the Night
In the darken hall, in the darked household
Invisible footsteps raise up the dust
'Twixt brooding doors and staring keyholes
Blinded know by years of rust
Thumps and shudders living the Darkness
Sounds that are silent long through the day
Steps on the staircase, listen now, hearken
The sounds of the night call the dead out to play.
White, misty figures emerge from their doorways
Clad in their robes and glimmering shrouds
The shades of friends from bygone days
Ne'er do their feet seem to touch the ground
Phantoms and lanterns dancing, dancing
Candles whirling about what a sight!
Shades here, and shadows, leaping and prancing
Twirling each other to the Waltz of the Night
Out from a doorway bordered with dark strife
Steps a well dressed dashing Lord
His young reign culled by a jealous King's knife
His wound is bound with silver cord
A name he calls aloud to the Darkness
The revelers halt and step aside
To the soft click of feet on cobbles he hearkens
At last! The young Lords long lost bri
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 0 2
Lament of the Ancients
Here I lie forever,
Still as glass I lay
Escape into the ether
Waiting for the day
When we can stand alone again
'Neath the flaming sky
Our weapons drenched with crimson rain
Defiance brandished high
An age ago my name was spake
Upon the lips of haunted foe
The silence gleaming in my wake
Now I reap what I have sown
My ebon helm a glittering mask
My armor burned with argent runes
Countenance grim for a bloody task
A task that's all I've ever known
My singing swords to cry my wrath
My shining gaze to see afar
My skill to carve a blood drenched path
My soul to give to the Eldar
These blades are ours, they fit our hand
This armor too for us was forged
This is where you make your stand
With death my soul, again, is gorged
Death is our name
Blood our goal
The price of our fame
Your blazing soul
:iconfaceless117:faceless117 8 5


Grave of swords by legendary-memory Grave of swords :iconlegendary-memory:legendary-memory 178 14 PMSC-AF32 Broadsword by Jepray PMSC-AF32 Broadsword :iconjepray:Jepray 234 34 Guardian of the endless woods by FLOWERZZXU Guardian of the endless woods :iconflowerzzxu:FLOWERZZXU 1,603 24 Tara Valain (OC) by Leo-Fina Tara Valain (OC) :iconleo-fina:Leo-Fina 137 14 Myar's Dagger by Aikurisu Myar's Dagger :iconaikurisu:Aikurisu 355 35 Dorn Il-Khan by Hellstern Dorn Il-Khan :iconhellstern:Hellstern 1,426 103 Hangmen: Akreb Helm by TAG-Ink Hangmen: Akreb Helm :icontag-ink:TAG-Ink 23 12 Nighthawkish by KatePfeilschiefter Nighthawkish :iconkatepfeilschiefter:KatePfeilschiefter 684 29 ISIS - Mars Eva Suit by BrotherOstavia ISIS - Mars Eva Suit :iconbrotherostavia:BrotherOstavia 807 51 Revanchist (Star Wars) by PointingMonkey Revanchist (Star Wars) :iconpointingmonkey:PointingMonkey 8 0 The Corruptor Cyber Tech gas mask helmet by TwoHornsUnited The Corruptor Cyber Tech gas mask helmet :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 225 22 Leather steampunk gas mask. by DenBow Leather steampunk gas mask. :icondenbow:DenBow 631 90 Mage of Time Steampunk Armor by Aetherwerk Mage of Time Steampunk Armor :iconaetherwerk:Aetherwerk 251 9 Aegon Targaryen by DiegoGisbertLlorens Aegon Targaryen :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 594 34 Lenia by wlop Lenia :iconwlop:wlop 9,212 102



An Fairtheoir
As an aspiring writer I won't be posting uh, if any, art. Expect long, morbid, rambling drabbles and try to piece them together. Good luck.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have just completed my first major work. Clockwork Raven Episode 1 is now edited and posted. I'm insanely happy right now,  and have begun work on the second one.


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